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To Download facebook videos you have to enter link of facebook video in empty box given above.

Step-1: Open facebook.com and search for the video that you want to save or download to your device.

Step-2: Now, just copy that facebook video URL or Link.

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Step-4: Finally, just click on Download Button to save or download facebook video to your device.

Social networking is booming nowadays, and you can find almost everyone on social media, and with gaining popularity, there are also some benefits and losses of using social media. Social media is excellent in connecting peoples from all around the world, and it is also bad because you may get addicted to it. Because of social media, we are not feeling alone any more, and we are connected to a large number of peoples from around the globe, but we are also comparing ourselves to others on social media and getting stressed about that. Most popular social networking site is facebook, and it was launched back in 2004 by mark Zuckerberg. facebook has gained massive popularity from the day it's launched because it's a unique idea of connecting peoples. With growing popularity, facebook now has around 2.5bn active users every day using their platform.

With increasing demand and occurring new users, everyday facebook is breaking all the records, but it's also getting some issues too. Facebook has some users privacy issues, and facebook is working hard to fix those issues and also making their platform a safe place to connect peoples from around the world. Every day thousands or maybe millions of videos and photos shared every day by their active users. When you open facebook home feed, you may find it too addictive because it'll show you amazing and funny videos of almost anything from around the globe and you can't stop yourself from watching all those stuff. And because these videos are so amazing and funny that you also like to save or download them to your own devices. But there is some problem with that because facebook doesn't allow you to download facebook videos using facebook video downloader of any user on their platform. So you can't keep or save those videos to your devices and can't watch them offline.

Because facebook has daily active users in billions and still growing day by day, Facebook users are getting frustrated because of not being able to download facebook videos with facebook video downloader to their devices. So, some of them started to find a solution for that and found some ways to save facebook videos, but still, those ways are time consuming and now worth the time. Those solutions were like taking a screenshot, recording videos or to get a video download link from their CDN server. But many users get confused with those coding stuff and want someone to do those tasks. And that's why people started using third party tools, websites or apps to save facebook videos through facebook video downloader to their mobile or pc. With these third-party sites or apps, you can easily save or download facebook videos you want easily and quickly. These third-party tools are free and easy to use, and you can download as many facebook videos as you want.

Facebook has also acquired instagram and targeting teenagers and to keep a young audience engaged; they are also launching some amazing new features for their users too. As discussed before these third-party tools like facebook video downloader are used to download facebook videos available publically. You just have to find the video you like and copy that video's url and paste that url in third party tool and then simply click the download button to download facebook videos with facebook video downloader easily to your device in a matter of few seconds.


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