How to use DownloadGram to download instagram photos or videos?

You need to enter the instagram image link or URL to download instagram photos or videos with downloadgram.

Step-1: Go to instagram website or app then find a photo or video that you would like to save or download.

Step-2: After doing that you need to copy URL or link of that instagram photo or video.

Step-3: Enter that copied URL or link of instagram photo in empty input box given above.

step-4: Now, click on Download to download it right away.

Instagram is an amazing photo sharing app which allows people to share amazing photos and videos from all around the world. Instagram is a platform which is all about sharing and getting connected with people's from all around the world. Each and every day, millions of photos and videos from all across the globe are getting shared on Instagram. In this world, where everyone is busy doing their own thing, the only place people share amazing photos and videos is social media. Most people also use third-party tools like downloadgram to save and share Instagram images to other social media platforms. Nowadays, the upcoming younger generation is growing and targeted users for social networking sites.

This young generation requires social media to keep connected with their loved ones, no matter how far they are. Even after having amazing features, including sharing of instagram photos, videos, and stories, Instagram still lacks some basic things. These basic things include features like being able to save or download Instagram photos or videos to your device. These basic features are allowed by other third-party tools or websites like downloadgram. But unfortunately, on Instagram, it's not possible because Instagram does not allow saving photos or videos from their app or website. There are also some things with are also not allowed on Instagram is that you can not add links to your posts and are not allowed to share already posted images on your timeline like Facebook. Anyone who like photos or videos and they also want to save it to their devices, but they are not allowed to do so is a very frustrating thing for many users.

Even after these restrictions, Instagram is still growing day by day and getting massive amounts of new users every day. And with continually increasing popularity, a lot of users are getting frustrated because they don't even download instagram photos or videos they like the most. So everyone started using an old trick of taking a screenshot of images to save them to their devices, and other users began using third-party tools like downloadgram to download Instagram photos or videos to their devices. But even after taking the screenshot they get a low-quality image and are not satisfied with that. You can atleast save a low-quality image by taking a screenshot but how can you save videos you like. And as a solution to this problem, third-party tools like downloadgram help us to download and save Instagram photos and videos in just a few seconds. You can also find a bunch of apps and website which are used by people to save or download Instagram photos or videos.

Downloadgram is an excellent tool to use for downloading Instagram photos and videos to your device without any technical knowledge or efforts. And it's absolutely free and super easy to use with quick responses which make this process, even more, easier and faster. You may also find other tools like downloadgram, but you may find that they are not getting updated from years and most of them are not even working. And here you'll get updated and new features every few months.


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