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To Download instagram videos with instagram video downloader just enter the URL of instagram video in above empty box and get video in full resolution.

Step-1: Visit and then find the instagram video that you want to download.

Step-2: Copy the URL or Link of instagram video.

Step-3: Now paste copied instagram video URL or link in the input box given above.

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Social media is rapidly changing the way people live their lives. Many social networks are continuously making efforts to make sure that they keep engaging the audience and grow them quickly. More engagement means more revenue for these social networks. And you may already know that nowadays instagram is growing rapidly having millions of active users on their platform. Instagram is a beautiful photo sharing app which allows their users to share photos and videos from any place and share it with everyone around the world. And because of their unique and fantastic idea, instagram has got a lot of attention from the peoples around the world.

Now talk about their features, Instagram is becoming more than just a photo-sharing app by allowing their users to post videos, stories, and allowing advertisers to advertise on their platform. Instagram does not let its users to save or download instagram videos and photos from their platform. But users can do that with third party instagram video downloader websites or apps. Recently Facebook has also added stories feature into their platform like instagram. And the reason for including or adding new features is to target teenagers to their platform. Many people say that social networks like Facebook or instagram are addictive and yes they are addictive because if they do not keep their audience keep using their platform, then they'll face loss in engagement, advertisers and finally revenue. So it's best to control the use of social media and use it wisely.

There are still some features or functionalities that make instagram incomplete even if it has fantastic features. Some of those features are not allowing to add links in comments or posts except promotional posts and also not allowing their users to download instagram videos or images to their devices. Still, many people use third-party instagram video downloader apps or websites to do that. Users are only allowed to include one link in their bio. No social media platform exists in the world who do not let their users add links in posts or comments. And it's very frustrating to their users as they don't allow them to add links and it is also good for instagram as it keeps spammers away and increases advertising on their platform.

In spite of these restriction instagram also don't allow their users to download instagram videos and photos from instagram. And because of that users cannot save their own or other amazing images or videos posted on instagram. It's like going in Jewell mine where you can see the gold enjoy the gold but coming out with empty hands. Now many people say that its injustice instagram can't do that with their users. And the other side some may start finding a solution instead of talking about the problem. So, some people made third-party instagram video downloader tools for users to allow them to download instagram videos and save instagram photos and videos on their mobile or computer.

But it's not the only way or only solution to this problem because many people found that they can download and save instagram videos and photos from source code or third party instagram video downloader sites or apps. But there is a problem with the solution many people don't know how to do that because they don't have that much knowledge about tech stuff. You may also find some guides online related to this solution. Anyways you can still download instagram videos and photos with third party websites or apps more easily and quickly without any technical knowledge.


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