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To Download instagram photos just enter the URL of instagram photo in above given box and photo in full size.

Step-1: Visit and then search for the instagram photo that you would like to download in full size.

Step-2: Copy the URL or Link of instagram photo.

Step-3: Now paste copied instagram photo URL or link in the input box given above.

Step-4: Click on Download Button to View and Download it.

Some of the best social media which are used by a huge audience and gained immense popularity and Instagram is one of them. Instagram was made by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. When Instagram launched, it has gained massive popularity in just 24 hours. For some of you who don't know about Instagram, it's a large photo sharing app which is now owned by Facebook after its acquisition for 1 billion dollars in March 2012. But after some time Instagram added some new features such as you could also share videos and stories on Instagram. Currently, Instagram has more than 1 billion active users per month.

Instagram is becoming popular day by day, but with its quickly increasing popularity, Instagram also has some restrictions. These restrictions include that users can not download instagram photos or Instagram profile picture in full size. It's very frustrating restrictions for Instagram users as they can not save or download instagram pictures of anyone. You may also find that you can also don't view any public profile picture in full size and without that feature, it's hard to identify who is following you or liking your photos and videos. I don't know the reason behind not allowing their users to use these features and I think it's going to continue that way.

But these restrictions cannot stop users from leaving their platform because everyone loves this giant photo sharing app. No one wants to avoid this amazing app because of these restrictions. You may find it easy to blame them for these restrictions, but there may be some reason behind it which no one knows except them. Out of frustration, many people started finding the solution to download instagram pictures in full size. But there were no option or way that allows them to download instagram photos. From the large audience of users, there are some users who are developers or programmers, and they are also frustrated because of these restrictions. These people started finding a solution to download photos or videos from Instagram their way and created third-party tools to download instagram photos. So, after that a solution to that problem users started using third-party websites and apps to download photos from Instagram by using instagram downloader tool.

Many people may don't know how to download instagram photos so; they search on google to find these third-party tools and use them. Everyone loves to save or download instagram pictures of their favorite actors or actresses. So this feature is in demand by many users. You may find it hard to save photos from Instagram by taking snapshots or videos. But with third-party apps and websites you can make this process much easier and download as much as photos you want to download free of cost. To download instagram photos you have to put URL or link of an Instagram photo that you want to download and then paste that URL or link in the input box. Now just hit the download button to download it.


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